About Our Business

Pharmaceuticals Business

  • Business Description: Research, development, manufacture and marketing of new pharmaceutical products

  • In our pharmaceuticals business, we in-license new drug candidates from university research institutes, etc., conduct non-clinical and early clinical trials, confirm the Proof of Concept (POC), which is the initial assessment of the product's value, and license them out to major pharmaceutical companies, etc., thereby generating up-front licensing fees, milestone revenues according to the progress of development and royalty revenues after the product is launched.



Cosmetics and Food Business

  • Business Description: Sales of cosmetic ingredients, food ingredients and quasi-drugs

  • Our cosmetics and food products business involves the sale of NcPA, for which we have patents and know-how and have established a mass production process, as a raw material for cosmetics, food products, and quasi-drugs. Products manufactured at contract manufacturing sites are sold to our clients mainly via distributors.