Management Philosophy and Basic Policies

The corporate philosophy of SANSHO Corporation is 
to "contribute to the health and well-being of the world with cyclic phosphatidic acid (cPA).

In order to realize our corporate philosophy, we will steadily and faithfully advance our research and development activities and strive to deliver necessary medicines to the medical community as soon as possible. 

Background of Business Development

SANSHO was established on January 15, 2008 with the aim of conducting a drug discovery business based on the intellectual property related to an invention by Professor Emeritus Kimiko Murofushi.

Toshiro Morohoshi, the current CEO of SANSHO, has been collaborating with Professor Emeritus of Ochanomizu University, Kimiko Murofushi since the early 2000s, and established SANSHO to develop new drugs using cyclic phosphatidic acid (cPA), which Professor Murofushi discovered in the course of her research.


Jan. 2008 Establishment of the Company
Oct. 2013 Out-licensed 2Carba cycle phosphatidic acid to Orient Europharma Co.,Ltd. in Taiwan
Apr. 2017 Obtained IND from US FDA for the 2 Carba cyclic phosphatidic acid (synthetic, drug)
 Sep. 2017Obtained IND from Taiwan FDA for the 2 Carba cyclic phosphatidic acid (synthetic, drug)
Feb. 20182Carba cyclic phosphatidic acid (synthetic form, drug)
Phase I clinical trial (Phase 1/b) started in Taiwan (indication: osteoarthritis of the knee)
 May. 2019Series A financing from venture capital firms
 Jul. 2019Opened our research laboratory at Yokohama Venture Plaza at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
 Oct. 20212Carba cyclic phosphatidic acid (synthetic form, drug)
Phase I clinical trial (Phase 1/b) completed in Taiwan (Indication: osteoarthritis of the knee)
Apr. 2022  2Carba cyclic phosphatidic acid (synthetic form, drug)
Started joint research with the Department of Respiratory and Collagen Diseases, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, The University of Tokushima (Indication: pulmonary fibrosis)
 May. 2022Moved our research laboratory to Tsukuba Founder's Plaza in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Oct. 2022 2Carba cyclic phosphatidic acid (synthetic form, drug)
Phase Ⅱ clinical trial (Phase Ⅱa) started in Taiwan (indication: osteoarthritis of the knee)
As of February 21, 2024

Company Profile

Company NameSANSHO Co., Ltd.
Location【Head office】
Momijigawa Building Suite. 401
2-15-8 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027 JAPAN

Tsukuba Sogyo Plaza 203
2-1-6 Sengen Tsukuba-city, IBARAKI 305-0047 JAPAN
EstablishmentJanuary 15, 2008
Capital stock10,000,000 JPY(As of February 28. 2022)
Total number of shares issued and outstanding971 shares (778 shares of common stock and 193 shares of Class A shares)
OfficersPresident and CEO      Toshiro Morohoshi
Outside Director       Chi-Tai Chang
Science Advisory Board
Dr. Shigeyuki Wakitani   Director, Kouryoukai Hospital (Orthopedic Surgeon)
Dr. Koji Kawakami         Professor, Kyoto University School of Medicine       
Dr. Ikuko Masuda          Director, Department of Rheumatology and Orthopedics,                                       Jujo Kyoto Rehabilitation Hospital and Adjunct Lecturer, 
                                   Tokyo Women's Medical University
Dr. Kan Tsukahara         Associate Professor, Nagasaki University Graduate School
                                   of Medicine and Dentistry